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Instilling safe driving habits in your teen shouldn't be a bore for them or for you-- here's how to make them aware of road safety and the risk of drunk driving.

Young adults in the U.S. can't legally buy or drink alcohol until they are 21, which makes teen drunk driving statistics all the more sobering. One in five teenage drivers involved in fatal crash in 2010 had ingested alcohol, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and nearly one million high school teens drank alcohol and drove in 2011. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, teen drivers are also far more likely to have alcohol-related accidents. Roughly one in four teens reported recently riding with a driver who had been drinking.

Through example, joint discussion and clear rules, you can reduce the danger for your teen. Here's how to help prevent underage drinking and driving:

GET HELP TALKING WITH YOUR TEEN. Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) offers conversation starters and tips on its website. Find ways to connect with and educate your teens, including a Parent/Teen Contract to help establish family driving rules.

SET AN EXAMPLE. Drinking and driving is just as illegal for adults as for teens. If you have a couple of drinks at dinner, hand the keys to a licensed family member or friend who hasn't been drinking. It reinforces the idea that drinking and driving dont mix.

DISTRACTIONS: SEATBELTS: ALWAYS. No texts, phone calls or GPS changes while driving. And seatbelts are mandatory.

HAVE AN EMERGENCY PLAN. Make it clear that you'll always provide a no-strings-attached ride home, or pay for a cab, if your teen does drink or is out with someone who consumed alcohol.

GET EDUCATED. Enroll in our Smart Driving School we give Teen SMART lectures and instructions in our Teens Drivers Education class and Individual behind the wheel driving lessons. We teach defensive driving.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

our website:

Our school  in Federal Way, WA. is the driving school for Teens, Adults and Beginner Drivers.

We give Department of License Knowledge Test and Driving test for your Drivers Permit and Driver License and if you pass the test you just need to go to DOL WA to get your Driver permit or License.

We have Teen Drivers Education which includes Classroom Lessons and  Individual Behind The Wheel Driving Instructions. Teen and Adult Private Driving Lessons, Beginner driver driving lessons.

There is also Driving test practice before your driving test to test your driving skill before the actual driving test for your Driver License.

We give you lessons to help you drive safe, smart, confident and pass your driving test to get your driver license.

We teach you how to drive, techniques how to park, traffic rules and the laws of the roads  @ Affordable Price.

Come take your Knowledge and Driving test in our driving school location to get your driver permit and/or driver license.

Click our school web site link:
Smart Driving School
Located @ 33100 Pacific Hwy South
Federal Way, WA 98003

We service: Federal Way, Auburn, Seattle, Shoreline, Renton, SeaTac, Tukwila, Burien, Des Moines, Kent, Puyallup, Sumner, Algona, Fife, Parkland, University Place, Lakewood, Tacoma, Fife, Edgewood, Milton, Washington state, We are Washington driving school.

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If My Instruction Permit Has Expired, Do I Have To Retake The Knowledge Test?

The knowledge test is valid for 2 years from the date it was taken. So if your permit has been expired more than 2 years, you'll have to retake the knowledge test.

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How Long Is My Instruction Permit Valid?

The permit is valid for 1 year and you may renew your permit once.

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How Long Do I Have An Instruction/Student Permit Before I Get A License?

* If you're under 18, you must have an instruction permit at least 6 months before you can get your first driver license.

* If you're over 18, you may apply at any time, an instruction permit is only required to practice driving.

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How To Apply For An Instruction Permit/Student Driver Permit

1. Visit a driver licensing office and bring the fallowing with you:
  * Proof of Identity
  * Payment for the fee. You may pay with:
     * Cash
     * Check
     * Master Card and American Express credit or debit cards, and some Visa debit cards

  * If you're under 18, a completed Parental Authorization Affidavit. Your parents must provide proof of their identity and relationship to you.
  * If you're enrolled in a drivers education class, the signed application from you're driving school instructor.
  * If you're 18 or over and dont have a Social Security number, you must provide proof of Washington residence.

2. Pass a vision screening, which includes color recognition.

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How To Get An Instructions (Learners) Permit aka Student Driver Permit

To legally practice driving before taking your driver license test, you must have an instruction permit/student driver permit.

* If you're enrolled in a drivers education class, you can get an instruction permit when you're 15 years old, if you:
  * Apply for the permit no more than 10 days before the class starts, and
  * Bring a completed waiver/application from your driving school.
* If you aren't enrolled in a drivers education class, you can get a permit when you're 15 1/2 or older, if you pass the knowledge test.

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