Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Driving In A Flash

67% - 71%  Drivers with forward collision warning who said they driff from travel lanes less often,
                    thanks to crash avoidance features.

22%  Amount of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions caused by motor vehicles.

7.4%  Decrease in U.S. motor vehicle thefts in 2010, making the seventh consecutive annual decrease.

Sources: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


CARS are getting more advanced in ways that protect you & your family.

Cars have been safer or better equipped to protect those inside. But Driver's must take responsibility to manage themselves & not expect technology to do it for them.

Tech Selects:
    Auto dealers across the country are showcasing 2012 models that boast a host of cool features designed to keep you & your passengers safe on the road like our smart driving school,  http://www.smartdrivingschools.com

Blind Spot Monitoring.
    This feature alerts the other driver if another vehicle has moved into the car's blind spot - usually with an icon that flashes in the morror.

Antilock Brakes.
    With ABS, your vehicle prevents a lockup in slippery conditions by pumping the brakes so you can maintain steering control.

Electronic Stability Control.
    Required on all 2012 passenger vehicles, ESC helps you regain control in a skid using the vehicle's antilock brakes.

Fender-Bender Technology.
    A collision-avoidance system senses if the vehicle in front of you has slowed or stopped. If you aren't reacting, it hits the brakes.

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1. Savy Safety Belts
2. Crash Protection
3. Drift Deterrent
    Coming Up:
1. Night Vision
2. Curve Control
    In The Future:
1. Conversing Cars
2. Safety Sensors